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We have updated the ePermitJC (the online Permitting system) to the latest version to better serve our communities.

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Welcome to the Jefferson County Online Permitting Portal

Jefferson County is pleased to offer its citizens, businesses, and visitors, access to improved government services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After registering and creating a public user account, the online Accela ACA Citizen Access will allow the customers of Jefferson County to: 

  • Research public information
  • Register as a Contractor
  • Apply for a permit or application (Environmental Services or Development Services)
  • Schedule inspection online
  • View and track the status of an application
  • Make secure online payments

Apply On-Line 

To use ALL services, you must register and create a user account.

Property Development

A permit from Jefferson County is required for any new construction, alteration, or repair work on buildings within the Unincorporated Jefferson County. Article 13 of the adopted Subdivision Regulations for any land disturbing activities in unincorporated Jefferson County requires a property owner to apply for an Erosion Control Permit, which is available online at Accela ACA Citizen Access.
Sanitary Sewer or Septic Tank approvals are required for all new construction and mobile home placement projects.

Determining Your Property Jurisdiction

It’s very important to determine in which jurisdiction a property is located before beginning any construction or development project, requesting services, or filing a complaint. A property within Jefferson County can be in a city/town (incorporated) or in an unincorporated area of the County (not in a city/town).

The laws and procedures that apply to how you can develop or use property may differ based upon the jurisdiction where your property is located. Please, be sure you know if your property is located within Unincorporated Jefferson County before you start your project!

Need Help?

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Other Helpful Resources

Sewer & Grease Permits

Roads & Transportation

Stormwater Hotline: 205-325-5792
Erosion Control: 205-325-8741

Development Services

Option 1 Inspections
Option 2 Permit/Plan Review
Option 3 Engineering
Option 4 Planning/Zoning/Public Hearings
Option 5 Subdivisions
Option 6 Code Enforcement  
Zoning/Litter Violations: 205-582-6555

Payment methods accepted online

Major credit cards, debit cards, eChecks