Jefferson County, Alabama




Picture of District 1 Commissioner Lashunda Scales

District 1
Lashunda Scales
(205) 214-5507
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District Map

Picture of District 2 Commissioner Sheila Tyson

District 2
Sheila Tyson
(205) 325-5074
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Picture of Commission President Jimmie Stephens - District 3

District 3
James A. "Jimmie" Stephens
(205) 325-5555
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Picture of District 4 Commissioner Joe Knight

District 4
T. Joe Knight
President - Pro Tempore
(205) 325-5070
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District 5
Mike Bolin
(205) 325-5503
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About Us

Commission Responsibilities
The Commission is the governing body of Jefferson County. The five Commissioners are elected from five districts within the County for four-year terms.

The Commission:

  • Administer the County's finances
  • Serve as custodians of all of the County's property
  • Collect taxes as set by state law
  • Allocate resources for the construction of buildings, roads and other public facilities
  • Provide for the delivery of services that by law are the County's responsibility (such as sewer service and law enforcement)
  • Make appointments to various governmental boards and agencies