Jefferson County, Alabama

Floodplain Management


Jefferson County Alabama - Floodplain Management

Floodplain Management

The Special Flood Hazard Areas are subject to periodic flooding which can result in loss of life and property, health and safety hazards, disruption of business and government services, and costly repairs and remediation. Jefferson County’s Floodplain Management Program was established to minimize the damaging effects of flooding to people and property. Jefferson County Floodplain Ordinance #1827 requires that protections against flood damage be incorporated in the planning, design, construction and use of any structure built in a Special Flood Hazard Area in order to protect human life, health and wellbeing.
Jefferson County administers the floodplain for Unincorporated Jefferson County as well as for the cities of Pinson, Graysville and Brighton.

Floodplain Development Permit

Construction occurring within a floodplain in unincorporated Jefferson County is regulated by Ordinance #1827. Proposed projects must be reviewed by the Department of Development Services to determine if the site is located within a floodplain. If the project site is determined to be located within a floodplain, a Floodplain Development Permit may be required. Contact the Department of Development Services, Floodplain Administrator, at (205) 325-5321 for more information.

Floodplain Management for Businesses and Residents

Flooding can happen anywhere at any time, and is one of the main causes of property loss in the United States. Below is information to assist Jefferson County businesses and residents in preparing for and protecting themselves and their property from flood risk: