Jefferson County, Alabama

Juvenile Probation


General Information
The Birmingham Juvenile Probation Services division of Family Court is made up of a director, and 21 Probation Officers in Birmingham and 7 in Bessemer. Juvenile Probation provides numerous services to juveniles and their families, to guide them through the process of Family Court. Each child is assigned a Probation Officer when they are charged with a crime. The Probation Officer completes a social history and pre-disposition study on each child before the Court on a delinquent or Child in Need of Supervision (CHINS) charge. They must supervise juveniles that are under terms of probation or a consent decree. Probation Officers report and make recommendations on a child's progress as requested by the Court. Special studies are conducted for those youth that are considered for commitment to the Department of Youth Services and when a motion has been made to transfer the child to the adult court system, or if placement is necessary in a residential treatment facility.

Contact Information
Phone: (205) 325-5824